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Nothing better prepares people for success in this life than a firm grip on the truth. ECCU's primary mission is developing Faithful, Strong, Prepared people.

Often, men and women are more than willing and desire to devote their time and energy to learning and growing but do not have the financial resources on hand to enter school. This is where your generosity makes the difference! A gift of $1750.00 pays for one full year for a worthy student. $875.00 would be a 50% scholarship for one year. $170.00 pays for one class and $75.00 would cover a single student Audit. However, any amount when combined with other donor's funds will make a difference in someone's life.

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After only one or two years at ECCU, our students' present and future circumstances, goals, and life-skills are permanently transformed. Those who continue at ECCU afterward, usually move into ministry. You and I have the privilege of pouring Kingdom Life into them, at times like a firehose!

Your gift will unite with other's creating a pool of funds for distribution based upon financial need. Regardless of need, all students will contribute something (funds, time or some combination thereof); for, we believe things earned hold the greatest value. Your generosity will become part of an eternal legacy of strong, faithful, equipped soldiers in the Kingdom of God.

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